The spirit of the Stella Health Insurance Agency (SHIA) Facebook Group is to unite our tribe of like-minded individuals through our consistent expression of SHIA DNA across the country.  As a community, we encourage each other in sharing our wins as well as our learns.  We do this in the spirit of giving to our fellow team members, with no expectation or intention to personally gain or self-promote our businesses. Our platform further provides a way for our Leadership and administrative support team to effectively communicate important messages in an efficient and timely manner.


Our Facebook page also provide a means to share a consistent flow of relevant and accessible information with one another. It is our responsibility to manage these comments for the benefit of our SHIA brand and to make the most out of our opportunities to engage with others as the community scales to larger numbers. Taking this into account, please recognize the importance of adhering to the following guidelines:


  • Avoid posting videos of any kind unless previously approved by Stella Health Insurance Agency.

  • Avoid sharing or adding content and posts that are distracting and causes difficulty in finding posts and announcements.  This includes but is not limited to:

    • Sharing Memes unless previously approved by Stella Health Insurance Agency;

    • Using or sharing GIFs;

    • Using colored backgrounds

    • Polling members

    • 360 or 3D photos


  • Avoid sharing pictures that add no specific learning value to the team or do not strengthen our community. Never post pictures that promote products, companies, upcoming events, etc. not associated with Stella Health Insurance Agency. This is considered solicitation.  


  • Personal pictures should be posted on your personal page and not the Stella Health Insurance Team page.


  • You may share photos or collages so long as they do not exceed 3 per post in total. Posts must not require the reader to click the last photo to see more. A trio of collages is acceptable with no more than 4 appropriate photos in each collage. You may share photos of SHIA team members meeting members, SHIA Live events, your work with SHIA, SHIA-related awards and wins, or the occasional family celebration such as marriage, a new baby, etc. that help build community.


  • Do not post quotes, external links, generic inspirational messages or philosophical questions. These should be posted to your personal pages.


  • Do not use the “Check-In” or “Recommend” features when posting, as it adds unnecessary visuals to your post.




  • Avoid posting a daily diary of your accomplishments.  When you post wins, please share how you utilized SHIA resources and team support in achieving results when applicable.


  • Share wins that you have accomplished using SHIA materials or based on learning from trainings.  Sharing wins and how you achieved a success or goal is helpful for demonstrating the many paths to success.


  • No external links.


  • Never post links to your own website or any third-party website or on-line resources.




  • No promotion of your own business, business events or business assets.


  • Do not include members in groups without their knowledge or permission.


  • Do not tag members regarding events/notices/invitations, etc. outside of SHIA.





  • Please include an appropriate profile picture of yourself.


  • Profile name – include the name which matches SHIA producer agreement.


  • Do not create a SHIA Group or FB page with Stella Health Insurance Agency or any derivative thereof in the name.



  • Grievances (any actual or proposed circumstances causing complaint) should not be discussed on the Facebook pages. Grievances or complaints should be appropriately addressed to compliance@stellainsurance.com to assure that they are transferred to and answered by the appropriate person in a timely fashion.  Likewise, any suggestions, ideas or questions should be addressed to info@stellainsurance.com and not posted to the Facebook pages.


On behalf of entire Stella Health Insurance Agency team, we thank you in advance for your help and support.

Together we can add value to each other and our clients.

I accept these terms and conditions and will abide by this policy. If I violate any of these terms and conditions, I understand that I risk removal from the Facebook page.